Dr Harveen and Deepak Nakra - not only super skilled and professional dentists but an adorable couple as well ! It was a Sunday morning when my husband and I chanced upon some Dental World discount coupons that popped out of our newspaper . The promotion obviously proved effective as we were at their clinic the very same evening ! That was eight years ago and what began as a dental appointment for a mild toothache has blossomed into an invaluable friendship ! A few years later when my tooth decided to give me hell, I obviously turned to no other ! One could never imagine that a Root Canal could be made a painless experience ! Now thanks to them and their state of art dental techniques, my daughters braces are off and I too have a perfect row of lower teeth through Crowning ! They both sure can make ‘seeing a dentist’ not a dread but a visit to look forward to !~ Radhika Bhasin

I have a long association with Dental World, and a personal one too. Can’t deny that services provided are impeccable. The ease of treatment with Dr. Deepak and Dr. Harveen is extremely comforting and they have relentlessly guided their patients in the right direction. Not just me, but everybody else in my family too. ~ Sunil Mehra

Phenomenal experience and probably one of the most honest dentists I’ve ever encountered. Dr. Harveen and Deepak are amazing professionals who don’t want to dupe you or take you for a ride.~ Alfons Jose

Its blessing to be able to chew properly again and the doctors were excellent. I am feeling fine, back to my old self again and it feels great. Thank God for clinics such as yours.~ Adv. Rajan Goswami

I appreciate all your kindness and good care you gave me. My maintenance treatments have done wonders for me. Thank you so much. Please enjoy the chocolates.~ Capt. Varsha Gupta

I wouldn’t be an air hostess today without the beautiful cosmetic makeover that I got at your clinic. Thank you for everything!!~ Mallika Chaha